When it all started...

This post is just to place you all where it all started... No, wait, it actually startded way before, but this date should be marked here as the actual date when I first flew to Saudi Arabia after this project had been signed off. Mission: Build a newly founded bank's complete IT before a specified date in 2005. A date which will be disclosed later in the project, since Non-Disclusure-Agreements and verbal instructions from the client prevent us from doing so.

To situate myself, I am the systems architect for the project, and I have been involved with it from the very early stages of the presale process, including designing a proposed architecture for the bank's IT operation, communications requirements and the attached operations and IT outsourcing proposal. Teams in France had, by then, assisted us in sizing an operations team and specified the requirements for a data centre.

After a firm verbal commitment by the client giving us the go, we embarked on this project, which would be one of my longest periods of stay in Saudi Arabia so far, although I had been in the country before for other projects with the same company.

Also, since I did not start this specially themed blog when I shoud have, right at the start of the project, I may be posting some things that had occured earlier during the project with back dates. I will eventually link to these from one of the posts of the day so that you may keep up with what I write.


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