Back in the...

...Magic Kingdom after a night of food, western entertainment and some drinks - although for some too much to drink still seems not enough.

We lodged at the Crowne Plaza Manama, Bahrain, where in spite of a nice reception with the hotel personnel singing christmas carols, the service was, all in all, not up to snuff, the executive room I booked with my Priority Club was definitely a standard one, the king bed unexistent, and other small bits and pieces which I did not like.

After arrival, quick fresh-up after a 5-hour drive and first drinks at the hotel pub. Mind you, that although alcohol is available in Bahrain, the only establishments actually having a license are usually attached to a hotel, so the whole legal situation is a bit shaky.

A case apart is Jim's restaurant, run by a quite nice and colourful character of an irishman, and word has it that he's allowd to sell alcohol on the premises because his license was grandfathered after the british granted Bahrain independence in 1972.

After that, off to JJ's Irish Pub, a quite popular venue, and then to BJ's, the club next door, closing at two o'clock, therefore unable to stand the test against Spanish hang outs, closing not before five in the morning.

So after that we paid a visit to a 24-hour bar in one of the hotels - now that's what I call after hours - and O. and myself go back to the hotel and bed in a cab 15 minutes before the rest of the team decides to join us.

More information in the next posting.


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