Equiment supposed to arrive today

For those technically inclined, and interested to know, the equipment we're getting today:

  1. IBM pSeries 595 with 16 CPU active and 16 CPU "on Demand Capacity" and 50 GB of RAM, plus a shitload of I/O in the cabinets
  2. Another one of these for Disaster Recovery
  3. IBM pSeries 570 with 16 CPUs and 48 GB of RAM, and again a lot of IO
  4. 4 x DSS4500 Enterprise storage with 5 TB raw disk in each
  5. 2 x 3584 LTO2 Libraries
  6. A lot of X-Series (Intel) Servers ranging from 4-CPU to 1 CPU
I hope everything clears Saudi Customs today and they can start putting the iron together and testing straight away, and that we can then start base software installation, partitioning and configuring next week, starting Saturday.


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