Things cancelled today:

  • Hardware delivery (as read in the earlier post)
  • Christmas Break (because I need to supervide the setup of the darn things)
  • Lunch break (because of Conference Call from Program Manager to the rest of the team, although he is on his break back home in Germany)

Although the first and the third are mainly of my concern, my wife is really impressed about the second. NOT! I do not really love your job for having that sort of things happening all the time was among the more sympathetic statements she uttered over the phone when I told her. I am, obviously, so sorry, but that doesn't help it much.

Part of the problem is that the Saudis, with Islam being the official and only allowed religion in the country don't really care about Christmas and the like, so they will expect us to do business as usual. Let's see what happens on the upcoing Eid alAdha festival at the end of the month of pilgrimage to Makkah, whether they stay put for work during the week, or whether they'll bolt away on us again, effectively bringing the project to a standstill for another week, despite the tight schedule we are working on.


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