First working day

Since yesterday I've been unable to sleep timely, because after all two hours difference is a difference, I wake up completely tired at 06:30, shower and help myself to the "breakfast of champions": A cigarette and a mug of coffee before we leave for the office.

The colleague in charge of the UNIX stuff is back from his new year trip to Dubai and explains how different this emirate is from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, how liberal, open-minded and nice it is there. After all, you still notice you're in an islamic country, but the general impression is much more modern and westernized.

The whole team and the Bank are happy to see me again. The machines that have arrived are running, with AIX installed and ready to receive any production sofware, if we had some network equipment. The rollout for the branches shall start mid-february, and the schedule is running tight.

We return to our residential compound, way too late, as usual, and after dinner we're off to bed.


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